A weekend trip to Attersee

One of the reasons that we wanted to move to Prague is to be closer to the mountains, and close to the mountains we are! A few Fridays ago we left Prague around 6am to drive to Attersee, a lake […]

#Travel philosophy

Why I travel

My main goal in life is to have the biggest comfort zone that I can possibly have. That doesn’t mean that I want to feel comfortable in every situation; there’s still a lot of stuff that I would want to feel uncomfortable […]


North Sweden

As some of you may know, I’m an avid long-distance hiker. I started hiking in 2015, when I did the West Highland Way in Scotland and I’ve been going on long-distance hikes at least once a year ever since. In […]

#Mental Health

My Anxiety — The Origins

[EDIT: This post was originally written in 2016 and posted on Medium. I’ve re-uploaded it here.] I’ve been dealing with episodes of anxiety for two years now. Thus far, I’ve had three episodes of prolonged anxiety, lasting for up to […]